CCJSHS Shark Tank

"Welcome Sharks, today I will offer you this: 100% participation in my class with a guarantee of 100% interest in our subjects."


Students in the Agritechnology and Animal Services program at Crescent City Jr./Sr. High School were assigned the task of inventing a new product that would be beneficial in the agriculture industry as well as creating their own business marketing for said product. Students were able to express their creativity through logo designs, flyers, business cards, and general marketing. The students then presented their products Shark Tank style, with their peers acting as the sharks! 



The students had very innovative ideas; from an automatic egg collector to a spray that magically makes all the nasty smells of farming vanish. 


There were even two stand out presentations like Animal Technologies Company, which modifies genetic makeup of livestock to help create bigger and better animals and Metal Kingdom, an animal clothing brand that services not just animals, but also the metal heads who own them. 

Click here to view their presentations!

We are so proud of all the hard work these students put into their projects. Keep up the great work!