PCSD Spelling Bee Champion & Runner-Up

The 54th Annual ‘Putnam County School District Spelling Bee Competition’ was held this morning, Wednesday, January 25th. 12 students, representing various schools in our district gathered in the Putnam County Board of County Commissioners Board Room to put their literacy skills to the test. President of St. Johns River State College, Joe H. Pickens, J.D, served as pronouncer for the event. Executive Director of Leadership Development, SaraJean McDaniel welcomed attendees.

Following an impressive 18 rounds, Jillian Huntley, a 5th grader from Melrose Elementary School emerged as The 54th Annual Putnam County School District Spelling Bee Champion! Jillian will go on to represent Putnam County in the 79th Annual First Coast Regional Spelling Bee.

The runner-up for the Putnam County School District Spelling Bee is Nicolas Penta,  a 5th grade student from Ochwilla Elementary School. Congratulations Nicolas!

We are VERY proud of all of the participants of this year's Spelling Bee Competition. Each of you represented your school proudly and we can’t wait to see what you accomplish next! Congratulations again to our Spelling Bee Champion, Jillian Huntley!

Spelling Bee Participants: Dakota Davis, Taylor Prive, Alissa Moore, Liberty Cooper, Jillian Huntley, Tyson Bellamy, Kylen Knever, Nicolas Penta, Baron Jones Jr., Faith Dinkla, Jeremiah Scee, Ianseth Sanchez-Alicea.

Special thanks to the Flagg Family for the generous donation of trophies. Thank you as well to our judges, Board Members, Holly Pickens and Sandra Gilyard and Retired Administrator,  Karen Hughes.

Spelling Bee Pictures can be accessed HERE.

Video can be accessed HERE.