Board Approved

The Putnam County School Board approved an agreement with the Putnam Federation of Teachers/United for ratification to the contract for 2020-21/2021-22 at the meeting on Tuesday, December 14, 2021.

Thomas Bolling, Associate Superintendent for Support Services and Chief Board Negotiator, shared the following, “We are pleased that the board approved this agreement. Once the PFT/U completes the ratification process we will move forward with all changes. Our employees receiving a raise will see those reflected in their pay beginning with the January 14, 2022 checks. Additionally, any employee due retroactive compensation will receive an additional payment on January 14, 2022.”

 The summary of proposed changes are as follows:

1.      An additional $1500 ($150 per month for 10 months) insurance contribution for all employees on the PCSD Group Insurance Plan. This is for calendar year 2022 only.

2.     A one-time $500 contribution will be made to a health savings account (HSA) for all employees on the PCSD Group Insurance Plan. This is for calendar year 2022 only. (Employee must have or open an HSA).

3.     Per contract language all employees eligible for a level increase due to experience (or for performance rating) have been receiving that increase since their first paycheck of this school year.

4.     A one-time $1000 payment for all District employees that did not receive a disaster relief payment from the Governor.

5.     $601 increase for all teachers (classroom and non-classroom) at Level 0-8.

6.     $400 increase for all teachers (classroom and non-classroom) at Level 9 or higher.

7.     $3.00/hour increase for bus drivers, retro to July 1st.

8.     $1.00/hour increase for bus attendants, retro to July 1st.

9.     $1.00/hour increase for SFS workers/assistants, retro to July 1st.

10.  Added Salary lanes for Lead Plumber and Senior Electricians.

11.    Sign-on and Recruitment bonuses for bus drivers.

12.   Perfect attendance incentives for bus drivers and attendants.

13.   Memorandum of Understanding regarding working conditions to promote health and safety of employees and minimize impact of COVID.

14.   Memorandum of Understanding establishing COVID Leave for all employees for this school year.

15.   Added language specifying priority alternatives to splitting classrooms in the event a substitute is unavailable for a classroom teacher.

16.   MOUs from 2020-2021 include early retirement incentives and a school reopening agreement focusing on employee health and safety.