PCSD Students Experienced Putnam County's Bartram Frolic

Bartram Frolic is a historical celebration consisting of three living historians, William (Billy) Bartram, Long Warrior & Job Wiggins. They teach the children about what they did in their era, living in Florida. Job Wiggins was a trader and explains that many trades were done with pelts, and skins and not money. This is where we get the term "bucks" for money. Billy Bartram was a scientist, botanist, and an artist  of the time studying plants and animals of the Florida area. Long Warrior was an Indian that lived in the area and discussed the way they were able to sustain a living in Florida by hunting, fishing, and trading. He befriended Billy Bartram making it possible for him to travel through Florida. He gave him the nickname "Puc Puggy" Which means flower hunter.

There are other booths at the Frolic Palatka Water Works which the students learned about Gophers and the importance they have in our ecosystem. 


Keep Putnam Beautiful which had a fishing game stressing the importance of recycling.
Florida Game Commission who discussed fish and wildlife.

St Johns River Water Management who discussed how we can all save water. 

The River Keeper who took the students on a boat ride and discussed the St. Johns River.

A great big thank you to Susan Gaboriau! She works tirelessly behind the scenes to make phenomenal learning experiences happen for our students!