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The Putnam County School District is working to combat a flea problem at Kelley Smith Elementary School.

The district was made aware of fleas on Kelley Smith grounds on Sunday, August 23rd. Florida Pest Control was called immediately and treatment to the grounds began that afternoon.

Due to the heat, humidity, and daily rain showers, combined with the 9 day flea life cycle, treatment of this problem has proven difficult. This has led the district to conduct daily treatments both at 4AM prior to school opening each day and each afternoon when school lets out for the day. Today, Wednesday, August 26th, school administration and district staff were notified that there was a presence of fleas in classrooms in an isolated area of the Kelley Smith campus.

School officials acted quickly to move students and staff members to unaffected areas of the school. In two classrooms, parents were notified immediately and students were sent home. Until the problem is eradicated, staff and students remain isolated from the affected areas.

"We are working diligently to eradicate a flea problem that was discovered at Kelley Smith," said Superintendent Rick Surrency on Wednesday. "When we learned of the problem, we acted immediately."

The district sent a call-out to parents and staff addressing the presence of fleas on campus.

“We understand that this situation is of great concern to parents and staff and we are giving this matter our full attention,” PCSD officials wrote in a message to Kelley Smith parents. “The safety and health of our students is our top priority. We appreciate your patience while as we work to return the campus to a safe and nurturing learning environment.”

The district is taking the appropriate steps and anticipates eradicating the problem by the weekend.

There has been no disruption to Option 1: Brick and Mortar classes on campus and students are encouraged to report to school as normal.