AVID in Action

Recently, 21 educators from all four of our jr./sr. high schools visited South Sumter Middle School in Webster, Florida to see an AVID Demonstration School in action. While there, they learned the history of the school, how the implementation process happened, and how the school has sustained AVID to fidelity.



The educators visited classrooms and spoke with teachers and students to find out how AVID has impacted their campus. Kerry Paul, of CCJSHS, said, “Every classroom we went in used the same “lingo” and had so much organization built in each day. Their students knew the expectation and liked it.  The teachers played more of a facilitative role and let the students take ownership of there learning.”  

These educators saw great examples of student work, student collaboration, and educator collaboration. They are ready to get to work in our AVID schools! 

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