EBD Behavior and Mainstreaming Specifics

E . H. Miller EBD Dress Code

  1. No sagging pants – pants above butt.
  2. No hats, hoodies, or headwear on head indoors.
  3. No short shorts, short skirts, short tops, or too tight clothing. No cleavage.
  4. No dress or accessory that is known or thought to be a gang identifier or which is unsafe or offensive.
  5. Tucking in is not required, but will be required for those phasing to mainstream.

E. H. Miller Procedures:

  • EBD Student Drop off and pick up is on the side of school for middle & high EBD, Students should never get off busses up front with IND student population.
  • After exiting bus, EBD students must get wanded & have their bags searched each morning (also random periodic mid-day checks when called for by teachers).
  • All electronic devices & accessories (phones, MP3 players, handheld games, earbuds, media storage, and other like items) should be turned in to teachers/aides during wanding for storage. Students get their “Be Prepared points” for this. Students may keep these items on their person during the day, but if a phone or device is seen during instructional time, it will be taken & these are the consequences:
  1. 1st time caught – item taken by teacher, locked up & returned to student at end of day.
  2. 2nd time caught – item taken by teacher, locked up & returned to student in 3 days or parent must pick up.
  3. 3rd time caught & consecutive times – item taken by teacher and turned in to Mrs. Ford, item locked up and parent must pick up from Mrs. Ford.
  • After wanding, students proceed directly to their 1stpd classroom, no detours.
  • No food or drinks during class (water is ok). No use of microwave or cooking during class.
  • Restroom limited to in portable restroom and under 5 minutes.
  • Students should utilize common & individualized strategies & interventions to avoid removal from class. If coping strategies and in-class interventions are not successful, the following 3 interventions are used:
  1. Cool Down – location is determined by teacher & student, no work, student willingly goes, just cool down and return to classwork within 15 min. If out of the classroom, an adult must accompany student.
  2. Refocus – location is determined by teacher, student willingly goes with transport, assignment must be completed within period or else points are lost. Refocus sheets can be required by a teacher. Goal is to re-integrate back to classroom without a referral.
  3. Seclusion–location is in rooms beside cafeteria. Will result in a referral and DOE paperwork if student had to be forcibly transported and/or restrained.
  • Earn Bee Bucks to spend on edibles, snacks on fun Fridays & items in Bee Mart once a week.

How to Earn a Meeting to Discuss Mainstreaming:

This is a list of ALL the aspects a student should be working on in order to earn a meeting to discuss mainstreaming. Points restart each 9 weeks, and points are one part, but the other elements must also be met to be considered for mainstreaming.

  • PBIP {Positive Behavior Intervention Plan} The PBIP explains the challenges you may have with your behavior. It also explains expectations, positive coping skills/replacement behaviors, and consequences. You will circle or highlight the Positive Behavior Area (Expectation #1,2,3 or 4) on your point sheet that relates to your personal PBIP goal.
  • Point Sheets -These are used to track your progress with your PBIP and classroom behavior. These are also used to help you earn rewards. You must maintain an 90% or greater average on your point sheets each week. This means you must earn an average of 90 points a day (425 points each full week), working towards a total of 3,825 points in a 9 wk grading period. Points restart each 9 weeks, they don’t carry over for mainstreaming purposes.
  • Discipline Referrals -You should not receive more than 2 referrals in 9 weeks for aggressive or threatening behaviors. This includes fighting, threatening others, bullying, etc.)
  • Grades -Work towards keeping a “C” average or better in all of your subjects.
  • Attendance -Coming to school is extremely important! Work towards having no more than 3 unexcused absences per 9 weeks. If your absence isn’t excused within 3 days, the absence will be counted as 0 points for the day.
    • Social Skills Lessons - The social skills discussions each day will help students focus on specific skills. These are life skills that will help you in any situation for the rest of your life. Expectation #5 on your point sheet “Be Socially Wise”….will relate to the behavior of the day/week (good character traits.)

Counseling Sessions-If you have counseling on your IEP, attend your sessions. Your counselor is here to help you, and advocate for you at all of your school meetings. Don’t forget: Counseling is confidential.J