PBS EHM School-Wide Expectations for Students

E. H. Miller Expectations

Classroom Rules

Bee Responsible

  1. Complete assignments and participate in lessons
  2. Bring appropriate materials to class (pencil, paper, notebook, homework, point sheet, forms signed by parent, etc.)
  3. Turn in electronic devices each morning.
  4. Wear appropriate clothing.
  5. Follow adult directives the first time given. Follow Classroom routines & procedures.
  6. Accept consequences and directives without arguing/ complaining
  7. Tell the teacher if you have a problem you can’t solve

Bee Respectful

  1. Use polite, kind words with Peers & Adults. Avoid:
    1. ___Profanity; Threats; Name Calling; Obscene Language toward PEERS
    2. __Profanity; Threats; Name Calling; Obscene Language towards ADULTS
  2. Listen politely while others are speaking / Raise your hand & wait to be called on. Avoid:
  1. ___Beating /tapping repeatedly on table/desk, etc;
  2. ___ Humming/making loud noises during instruction repeatedly

Bee Safe

  1. Keep hands, feet, & objects to yourself

    Avoid: __ Hitting; __Throwing; __Spitting

    __Pushing; __pinching; __ tripping others

  2. Stay in your assigned area….


  1. __ Remaining in others personal space after being asked to move.
  2. __ Leaving class without permission and without an adult escort.
  3. __Refusing to go to seat
  4. __Use materials appropriately

Bee Socially Wise

Use good Social Skills & display good character

For EBD students this rule will be their PBIP focus.