Acceleration Program - Accepting Applications Now!

The Acceleration Program is now accepting its first round of applications for the 2018-2019 school year.  First round acceleration applications deadline is February 21st.

Application responses should be expected by at least by the end of March or later.

Click here for additional information.
Click here for the Acceleration application page.


Student/Parent Survey - School Announcement

Students and parents, below is the information you will need to take our 5E Survey which helps us make decisions on making our school better each and every year.  Your input is necessary and we look forward to your feedback.  

2018 Florida Student Survey

Link to survey:

Students will need to enter their student ID from Skyward and birth date to take the survey.

2018 Florida Parent Survey

Please click on the Link below to take the survey:

Opens Jan. 23, 2018 and closes Feb. 23, 2018.  Please take a few minutes to complete this survey.

What's Happening

Field Day Fun 

Social Skills Clubs Kick Off

One of our School Improvement Plan goals for this year is to create clubs.  The staff worked together this summer to brainstorm ideas to improve our students experience and learning.  Research shows that there are many benefits to extracurricular activities.  They encourage good attendance, positive views, healthy ways of living and overall positive attitudes toward school and learning.  We kicked off 4 clubs this first 9 weeks: gardening, cooking, beading & Music.   Students will rotate through the 4 clubs, spending two weeks on each. In Beading students work on colors and eye hand dexterity.  In gardening, right now since it's so hot outside, students are working on the science of gardening - how bees spread pollen to help plants grow.  In cooking, students made a "healthy mouth" snack and learned how important it is to eat healthy - even when snacking.  Music club students are learning about all sorts of instruments and they got to try them out!  Here are some pics from our first week: