ESE Staff Directory

ESE Points of Contact

Andy Burnett - ESE Director
Pepper Anderson - Executive Secretary

 Name  Position School
 Jan Simmons
ESE Department Operations Specialist
McKay Scholarship/Private School Contact
Hospital or Homebound Coordinator 
 ESE Department
Billie Jo Carmichael Staffing Specialist 
Parent Liason
Middleton-Burney Elem
Miller Middle School 
Crescent City High School 
Susan Wilkes Staffing Specialist
Gifted Specialist
James A. Long

Georgette Mills Staffing Specialist
Inclusion Specialist
Center School Liason
 E. H. Miller Center 
Mosley Elementary
Kimyetta Hardy Staffing Specialist
Transition Specialist
Palatka High School
Marsha Peacock Staffing Specialist
ESE PreK Specialist
Virginia MC Clellan Staffing Specialist Jenkins Middle School
Tonya Humphries Staffing Specialist Kelley Smith Elementary
Barbi Helms Staffing Specialist Ochwilla Elementary
Yasheika Benford Staffing Specialist Interlachen Elementary
Kori Gedris Deaf/Hard of Hearing Specialist  
 Amanda Lusk  Emotional Behavior Disorders   
Cheryl Woolwine  Assistive Technology 
SaraBeth Kirkland Speech and Language Services