Hospital/Homebound Services


A homebound or hospitalized student is a student who has a medically diagnosed physical or psychiatric condition which is acute or catastrophic in nature, or a chronic illness, or a repeated intermittent illness due to a persisting medical problem and which confines the student to home or hospital and restricts activities for an extended period of time.  The medical diagnosis shall be made by a licensed physician.  The term licensed physician, as used in this rule, is defined in Chapters 458 and 459, Florida Statutes, and is one who is qualified to assess the student's physical or psychiatric condition.


A student is eligible for special programs for homebound or hospitalized if the following criteria are met:

  • A licensed “Florida” physician must certify that the student that the student is expected to be absent from school due to a physical or psychiatric condition for at least fifteen (15) consecutive school days, or the equivalent on a block schedule, which need not run consecutively.

  • The student is confined to home or hospital, cannot be employed or participate in extracurricular activities.

  • The student will be able to participate in and benefit from an instructional program.

  • The student is under medical care for illness or injury which is acute, catastrophic, or chronic in nature.

  • Certification, by a licensed “Florida” physician, that the student can receive instructional services without endangering the health and safety of the instructor or other students with whom the instructor may come in contact.

  • The student is enrolled in a public school in kindergarten through twelfth grade prior to the referral for homebound or hospitalized services.
  • A parent, guardian or primary caregiver signs the Hospital/Homebound Parental Agreement concerning homebound or hospitalized policies and parental cooperation.
The Application for Hospital/ Homebound Instruction (ESE # 15) is required for placement in the Hospital/ Homebound program.  Completed forms must be sent to the Exceptional Student Education Office for review. Incomplete forms will be returned and no action will be initiated until the completed form is returned.

If a student is potentially eligible for the Hospital/ Homebound program, the parent MUST submit the Application for Hospital/ Homebound Instruction (ESE # 15) form to the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Office.  The form can be obtained from the ESE Office, any Putnam County School , or it can be downloaded from the School District ’s Web Site,  Once completed, the form can be mailed, brought, or faxed to the ESE office for review.  Applications submitted to a school must be faxed immediately to the ESE Office.  FAX: 386-329-0531  ADDRESS: 156 Horseman Club Road . , Palatka, FL 32177 .  PHONE 386-329-0530.

Upon receipt of a completed Application for Hospital/ Homebound Instruction (ESE#15), the Hospital/ Homebound ESE Contact will contact the student’s home school to set up a staffing and initiate all paperwork necessary for placement into the Hospital/ Homebound program.  Upon completion of the staffing the appropriate Hospital/ Homebound course code will be added to the student’s schedule denoting the amount of home instruction the student will receive.


The Hospital/ Homebound teacher will be responsible for obtaining assignments from the student’s teacher(s).  The H/H teacher will set up mutually agreed upon instruction times with the parent/ guardian.  Please note that a “responsible adult” must be in the home at all times during the home teacher’s visit.  The H/H teacher will submit completed assignments to the student’s teacher(s) to be graded each week and pick up new assignments.  All grades will be given by the student’s teacher(s) of record.

The H/H teacher will submit a Hospital/ Homebound Services Log for each student to the Hospital/ Homebound contact at the ESE office at the end of each month.


Before a student can return to a school based program a physician must release the student.  The family must have the physician of record complete a Physician’s Release of Student from Placement in Hospital/ Homebound Program(ESE # 15b), and submit it to the ESE office.

The form can be obtained from the Hospital/ Homebound teacher, the ESE Office, any Putnam County School, or it can be downloaded from the School District’s Web Site,  The form can be mailed, brought, or faxed to the ESE office for review.  Release forms submitted to a school must be faxed to the ESE Office.

A formal staffing will be scheduled upon receipt of the release. This staffing is required when a Hospital/ Homebound student returns to a school-based program.

 ESE # 15 (8/2005)     
 ESE # 15 a (Revised 8/2005)   
 ESE # 15b (8/2006)