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Solar Eclipse - Dangers

Partial Solar Eclipse Time Over Gainesville

The day of the eclipse is a great learning opportunity for students and adults, but many may be unaware of the dangers. Even looking directly at a small part of the eclipse is too dangerous, as the normal squint response will not occur and the eye will be exposed to dangerous amounts of UV light.  The cornea will focus the light and actually scorch the retina.

The most concerning part is the fact that there is no pain involved with retinal damage. By the time the damage is done it is too late.  So being focused on making administrators, teachers and students aware is crucial. 

NASA has a great site devoted to Solar Eclipse safety which can be accessed at The page also contains a number of links with interactive maps, live streaming and other useful tools for instruction.    

We hope all teachers and students will enjoy the day!  As long as we encourage safety we think it will be great fun!

Important information about the upcoming solar eclipse (August 21, 2017):

  • Looking directly at the Sun, even when light is partially blocked, is too dangerous to view without the proper protection. 
  • Even if you are squinting, the eye will be exposed to dangerous amounts of UV light.
  • The moment you begin looking at the Sun, you start to develop sunburn on your eye(s).
  • The cornea will focus the light and actually scorch the retina. 
  • There is no initial pain involved with retinal damage.  
  • By the time the damage is done it is too late.
  • Symptoms, like sunburn, usually appear a few hours after the damage has occurred.  Damage can be short-term or long-term depending on exposure. 
  • Are your glasses safe?  Make sure your eclipse glasses and/or hand-held solar viewers are ISO and CE certified.  Safety tips and certified vendors.

View The Solar Eclipse Safely


Title I Part A Grant

The School District of Putnam County intends to submit a Title I Part A grant application. We welcome stakeholder input during this application process. Please email Dr. Melissa Coleman at with input if desired.

21st Century Community Learning Center Program

PCSD will offer a FREE after school program this year. Participating schools will be Interlachen High School, Palatka High School, Crescent City High School, Jenkins Middle School, Miller Middle School, Interlachen Elementary School, and Moseley Elementary School. Programs will focus on exposing students to STEAM activities. Buses will be provided to transport students home. Interested parents and students should complete an application, available here.

Accelerated Options
Virtual school opportunities are available! Read more about them here.